The 2022 Hybrid Workplace:
Return to Work Report

What's in the report?

The importance of a healthy workplace has never been more prevalent, with 63 percent of employees saying that they are more concerned about it today than they were before the pandemic. We surveyed 2000 employees on their thoughts around hybrid working and returning to the office and analysed the results in this repo

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  • The impacts of different modes of work on employee mental health
  • How the workplace can increase employee productivity
  • What do employees expect from their employers as they return to work
  • How employers can increase employee retention and attraction

Key Highlights


 Almost half of employees said being in the physical workplace increases their productivity, while 41 percent say they are more likely to stay at a company that proposes a net-zero strategy.

Mental Health

When asked what improves their mental health in the physical workplace, nearly half of employees (48 percent) cited the opportunity to be around others.

Employee's Expectations

58 percent of employees agree that they would feel more comfortable returning to the workplace if their employer used data to improve their workplace, including data on air quality and building occupancy.

Environmental issues affect employee retention 

and attraction

40 percent of employees say they would be more likely to apply to work at a company that proposed or adopted a net-zero strategy.

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